Company Registration in Nepal 2078-79

Nepal Government has made the company registration process easier. Most of the submission related tasks can be done online. It is also easier now to check the status and timeline of registration. Here we are breaking down the processes involved in registering a company in Nepal.

Step 1: Check company name
Login to the website of the Office of Company Registrar(OCR) and check whether the name you are about to choose is already taken by someone else or not. While checking the name of your company make sure to check for alternative spellings as well. For example “Bishwokarma”, “Biswokarma”, “Biswakarma”, “Viswokarma”. Also, company names starting with pronouns (Mero, Hamro) are generally not allowed.

Snapshot of OCR website with a company search form.

Step 2. Creating a User :
After your name check is successful, you have to fill in your details to register a User which includes your Name, Phone Number, Address and Citizenship number. After you click on “Start Company” on this link , the page shown below appears where you have to fill in every detail asked for.

User creation screen at OCR website

Step 3. Filling the online application form (Register Company In Nepal)
After you create the user, now you have to fill the online application form issued by the OCR office where you have to fill in the details of the company like Name, Address and the Objectives of the company (what works the company will do) and submit the application. If you are aiming to conduct multiple businesses please make sure to reflect that in the company name as well. For example, if you plan to run an educational consultancy, an online shop, travel agency from the same company, naming it MEROCOMPANY TRAVELS won’t make sense and likely be rejected by the OCR officials. However, MEROCOMPANY MULTIPURPOSE or MEROCOMPANY GROUP might seem legit. After this process, OCR will review it and the status of your submission will appear on your dashboard. It is also a good idea to consult a branding professional before deciding the name. At BizSewa, we provide branding and brand protection services that covers name search and submissions too.

Step 4 : Preparing the Documents
The essential documents required for the Company Registration are enlisted below:
1.  Application regarding the permission to establish the company whose format is given on OCR.(1 copy)
2. Prabandhapatra (Letter of Administration) (2 Copies)
3. Niyamawali (A company Manual) (2 copies)
4. Citizenship of the Shareholders
You can hire a lawyer to prepare the documents. We strongly recommend BizSewa (our parent company).

Step 5 : Documents Submission and Payment :
After the name is approved and you have prepared the documents, you have to upload the documents online by logging in with the Username and provided password while creating the user (as discussed above). The documents will be reviewed by OCR officials. The status of the approval of documents will be displayed inside your dashboard. Once the documents are approved, your dashboard will show a voucher under the payments tab. You can pay right from the dashboard using connectips account. Now you need to visit the office of OCR located at Tripureshwor, Kathmandu with two printed copies of the documents.

Authorized Capital                                     Registration Charge (Rajaswa)

Rs.100000                                    Rs.1000

Rs.100001-  500000                                      Rs. 4500

Rs.500001-2500000                                      Rs. 9500

Rs.2500001-10000000                                  Rs. 16000

Rs.10000001-20000000                                Rs. 19000

Beyond 1 crore, Crore added in the capital, three thousand is added in Rajaswa.

Step 6: Obtain Certificate and other documents After you pay the amount and submit the voucher, you will finally be registered and get the certificate of registration, letters by OCR to other authorities and government stamped copies of Prabandhapatra and Niyamawali.

After registering a company, there are other various legal and compliance-related obligations related to the company you must fulfil. We provide a one on one consultation regarding branding, registration and post-registration obligations of companies. Please contact us before to know all the details so that you can make informed decisions.

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